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Why Geothermal?

Because the system works with the relative temperature of the earth instead of the variable temperatures above ground, geothermal heating and cooling systems use 40-60% less energy than conventional systems. 


Benefits of a KMS Geothermal System    

  • Proven Technology: Most energy efficient and cost effective space conditioning system available according to the EPA and DOE.
  • Efficient: Reduced heating and cooling costs up to 60% over conventional equipment.
  • Comfort: Geothermal heat pumps provide higher indoor comfort than conventional equipment in both summer and winter seasons.
  • Reliable: Lower maintenance costs due to no outdoor equipment.  All equipment is located indoors. 
  • Long Life: Expected equipment life of 25 years versus 13 years for conventional equipment.
  • Responsible: The most environmentally friendly of all heating and cooling systems by using the natural energy of the earth.
  • Green: Geothermal technology is the lowest in CO2 emissions and HCFC22 emissions of all heating and cooling systems.
  • Quiet: No outdoor equipment thereby eliminating undesirable visual and noise problems and effects of weather extremes.
  • Satisfaction: Owners of geothermal heating and cooling systems show the highest level of customer satisfaction.  They are excited about their systems!
  • Smart: Increased real estate value in the home.  Resale value is increased with a geothermal heating and cooling system.
  • Warranty: Geothermal piping has a 50 year warranty.
  • Scalable: Ideal for Industrial, Commercial, and Residential applications.



Geothermal Savings Caculator 

Calculate the potential geothermal savings.




Click the calculator to see how potential energy savings can add up with geothermal.

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